Our Candles + Melts


 Simply Noble Ltd. uses 100% soy wax in its candles.  Wax melts are handcrafted with 100% soy wax blended with soy additives to enhance performance.  We only use soy wax for several good reasons:

  • Soy Wax is non-toxic and cleaner-burning. 
  • Soy wax is easier to clean than paraffin because it is biodegradable. It can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.

  • Soy Wax is natural, renewable and vegan derived from the soybean. 

Wicks in our candles are made from natural cotton with paper threads. All wicks are lead and zinc free.

Candles and wax melts are scented with phthalate free and California Proposition 65 compliant fragrance oils carefully selected from trusted a few U.S. suppliers. 

Melts are designed to work with all wax melters.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the soft nature of soy wax, we are not able to ship candles and melts during the warm months. Candles will be available for local pickup only from approximately May-September.


  • The first burn is the most important. Burn for approx. 3 hours to achieve even melt pool. 
  • Trim wick to 1/4" inch before each use. This will extend the life of your candle and help prevent mushrooming and smoking of the wick.
  • Remove any debris before lighting.
  • Extinguish candle using a candle snuffer or by gently blowing out flame.
  • Always burn within sight, away from flammable objects.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Discontinue use when 1/4" wax remains.
  • Clean and repurpose container for use around your home.  Pen and pencil holders, single stem flower vase, jewelry holders, toothbrush holders, makeup brush holders ... get creative!

Elevate your everyday. You are worth it.