1.  Why are some bars of soap not available until a later date?

Great question! After a batch of soap is made and cut into bars, the bars need time to harden or "cure." A 2-3 week cure time results in a longer lasting bar that is less soluble. Curing also improves the lather, which is a plus in our book! 

2.  Help! I left my lotion bar in the hot car and it melted. What can I do to save it?

Don't panic!  Place the tin in the refrigerator.  It will resolidify and be ready to use in no time. This holds true for lip balm or fragrance balm!

3. If Oso's Doggy Bath Bar is good for dogs and humans, can I use it on other animals?

The simple answer is no. Oso's Doggy Bath Bar contains essential oils that are safe for dogs and humans, but may be harmful to other animals. For more information, talk with your veterinarian. Essential oils in concentrated form should never be applied directly to any animal's skin or coat.

4. One of the bars of soap in my order has a white spot.  What is that?

Anytime you see a white spot in a bar of our soap, it is an uncolored "bit" of soap that snuck its way into the mold. It is soap. It is safe. Use and enjoy!  

5. The soap I received doesn't look exactly like the photo. The design is different and it seems darker. What's up?

The simple answer is because our soap is not produced in a factory.  It is handmade in small batches, using the hot process method. Soap is made in 5 lb. molds and designs are created by hand. When soap is removed from the mold and cut into bars, the result is 13 bars ... and no two are exactly alike. Like wine, soap improves with age and its color(s) may deepen. So, cheers!

6. Love the Beard + Hair Bar and Shave Bar, but I'm curious about the variants of color. Some Shave Bars are darker, and some Beard + Hair Bars have a green tint.  What's going on?

Nice observation! Let's start with the Beard + Hair Bar, which is made with Hemp Oil (amazing for hair!). Hemp Oil has a natural green tint, and the depth of color varies from producer or supplier. Occasionally, we receive a darker or lighter Hemp Oil resulting in a color variation of soap batches. Our Shave Bar is made with unfiltered honey (usually local) for added skin conditioning. Similar to Hemp Oil, unfiltered honey varies in color.  When added to soap, honey often darkens the soap. How dark depends on the ambient temperature, color of the honey, and temperature of the soap prior to molding. The formulas (recipes) remain consistent, but nature always shakes things up.

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