Chitchat with Laurie: What's in a name?

A name represents identity, a deep feeling, and holds tremendous significance to its owner. - Rachel Ingber
We are often asked how Simply Noble Ltd. came to be or how we came up with the name for our company. Choosing a name was easy.

Noble is my maiden name. My Dad, Cecil Noble, was a fourth generation Montanan and a Noble. Noble is an English surname and is common in Scotland. Through, our family has been able to trace our ancestors from Scotland to Montana.  

My Dad unexpectedly passed in early 2022, leaving behind an unbelievably large void. He was a big fan of my soaps and even featured them at Artemis Acres, his horse and guest ranch in northwest Montana. Citrus + Pine was his favorite. My Dad was a skilled horseman, wood worker, and craftsman. He didn't cut corners. And he had a fierce love for nature and the outdoors.

When it came time to name our company, we knew it had to convey our values and commitment to high quality, handcrafted goods and protecting our planet by using sustainable, recyclable, or reusable packaging.  "Simply Noble" came to me one day and I knew we had found the perfect name.  

Simply Noble Ltd. was inspired by my Dad and named in his memory. Our logo - a tree of life - represents my family's deep roots and strong family ties.

So, now you know the story behind our name. We will never cut corners or lose sight of the lessons taught by my Dad.



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