Chitchat with Laurie: Wanderlust

Travel by automobile has always been my favorite way explore, so it's no surprise that I love wandering around the beautiful U.S.A. in our RV.  There's something special about immersing yourself in the people, sights, and smells of our country that I don't get from an airplane. Often, these encounters are inspiration for a new product, usually a soap.


Sometimes it is a tree or a plant that moves me, a sunset, or the landscape out the windshield.  My camera roll is filled with hundreds of photos, but only a few images actually come to life.

Last year, we were "stuck" in Zion National Park for seven days because of a snow storm.  Unlike many other campers, we were actually prepared for the snow (i.e., we had coats, boots, gloves and hats ... not just flip-flops).  Mother Nature treated us to the most stunning display of red sandstone and junipers, frosted with white snow.  Those images were the inspiration for Zion Hand + Body Soap, fittingly scented with juniper.        

While visiting Southern California, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the eucalyptus trees with their vibrant, bold trunks and fragrant leaves. As soon as we returned home, Eucalytpus Hand + Body Soap was created.

A visit to Secret Garden Bees honey farm in North Carolina was the inspiration behind Wildflower Honey Hand + Body Soap. A small, family owned operation, the owners worked as hard as the bees to produce a beautiful product.  


Inspiration doesn't always come from travel. Sometimes it comes while gazing out the window at home. One summer day, the blue sky, green trees, and clouds starring at me from my window gently whispered to me.  I made Daydream that very afternoon. 

The world is big and has so much to offer. Wandering fills my head with ideas and my soul with joy.  I hope you wander whenever, wherever you can and find your own inspiration and joy.

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