Soap Talk with Laurie: Family Traditions

My grandmother made her own laundry soap and bars of soap for her family's use. All of her clothes and linens were lined-dried in the fresh Montana air and wow, did they smell - and look - fantastic!

Her bar soap, on the other hand, left a lot to be desired.  My mother describes it best, "It was AWFUL!" 

If my grandmother's recipe for bar soap was anything like her laundry soap recipe (photo above), it's no wonder it was awful. It was made to get the job done and that's it.  It was harsh and no nonsense.

If she were alive today, my grandmother would chuckle at my soap recipes (photo below).  I can hear her now and it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.  

Our recipes are precise and thoughtfully formulated by me using specific fats, butters and oils selected for their particular properties and benefits. With each recipe, the end results are known, including the saturated:unsaturated fat ratio, hardness, and level of conditioning of each bar.  

Our soap is nothing like my grandmother's soap.  Just ask my own mother.  

We've come a long way, Grandma!

Happy lathering!




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