Soap Talk with Laurie: Soap v. Detergents

Soap wasn't something I thought much about, until I started making it. I mean, I knew I wasn't thrilled with the results of the products I was using, but I didn't understand WHY.

The answer was simple. Today, most "soap" on the commercial market isn't actually soap. It is detergent, made with man-made synthesized chemicals. No wonder I hated everything!

And "handmade" or "natural" on a label doesn't always mean what you think. Hats off to all artisan soap makers, but not all handmade soap is made equally. Countless artisan bars - and dollars! - ended up in our trash because they left my skin dry, tight, and stripped.

So what is "soap"? Technically, soap is made of a compound of natural oils and fats with sodium hydroxide (lye) or other strong alkali.

Our soap is made with quality natural ingredients selected for certain properties using precise measurements and calculations to formulate a bar with particular qualities. You will never find Crisco in our soap (yes, there are soap makers who use it ... not judging, just stating a fact). It is this level of love that makes our soap stand out from the rest.

If you were turned off by a handmade bar of soap in the past, give us a try. We think you will be pleased.

The history of soap dates back thousands of years to ancient Babylon. Check this short read on the history of soap and the progression to detergents: cleaning 

Happy lathering!


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