Market Talk with Laurie: On the job training.


When it comes to markets, we are newbies. Total newbies. Yet, in a few short weeks we have learned SO much and with each market, we improve.

From packing and unpacking the car, setting up the tent and tables, placing linens and products on the tables, to our interactions with customers - we are becoming better organized, faster, and more consistent in our "talking points" with customers. 

At a recent market, a customer commented on how well Roger and I work together.  We do make a good team.  In life and in business.

Back to markets.  We've learned a few other things, beyond the logistical part.

 1. VENDORS ROCK! We have met some of the nicest, coolest, most chill people at the small venue markets we've attended! Seriously. Vendors are local artisans/small businesses like us trying to sell their goods and get their name out there. Generally speaking, they are helpful, friendly and supportive. It's common to see vendors helping out a fellow vendor with their tent, watching their booth during a bathroom break, or buying another vendor's goods. Humans being kind.

2.  CUSTOMERS REALLY ROCK!! Outdoor markets draw a completely different crowd than say, a big box store or shopping center. Add in sunshine, fresh air, music, food, adult beverages, and you're surrounded with chill, happy people.  People who are seeking a unique, authentic, quality experience and goods. People who aren't in a rush to check out and exit the store. Missing customer service? Come to a market and talk directly with the artisan. Sure, the goal is to make money, but most artisans aren't pushy sales people. And they know everything there is to know about their goods and wares!

3.  WAX WARMERS ARE A WELL-KEPT SECRET! The two most asked questions we get are, "What are wax melts?" or "What is a wax warmer?" Wax melts are scented cubes of wax that melt when placed in the tray of a wax warmer. Most wax warmers are electric and heat up just enough to melt the wax cubes, releasing the scent. You get the benefit of a candle without the flame! Melts are a great option for homes with small children, pets or elderly where a burning candle may not be ideal. So, now you know. The secret is out. 

    Check out the Events tab for our 2023 market schedule.  We hope to see you at a market!  Until then, be well and elevate your everyday.  You are worth it.



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    I LOVE your products and especially love watching your ambitious self growing your business. Wish I was closer so I could attend the Artisan markets you are in. My very best to you and your endeavors. Teri


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